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 Changing Values in a Routing Locate this document in the navigation structure

You can use object characteristics in object dependencies to access specific routing values and change them depending on the configuration. You can access the fields in the following tables:

  • PLPOD (operations)

  • PLFHD (production resources/tools)

You use actions and procedures to access the table field where you change a value.

The table shows the typical fields you can change using object dependencies.

Table: Changeable Fields

Routing table


PLPOD (operations)

Standard value


Unit of measure


Operation text

PLFHD (production resources/tools)

Quantity of the PRT

PLFLD (operation sequences)

Lot size

Steps to Access a Field in a Routing

  1. You create a characteristic that refers to one of the fields in the tables shown.

  2. In an action, you assign the value to be used for a specific configuration to this field depending on the characteristic value assignment.

  3. You assign the action to an operation. Once the operation is selected, the action is carried out and the value of the field changes.

See also:

For additional information about changing values in a routing, refer to the documentation LO Variant Configuration Guide in the section Using Fields with a Reference to Master Data in Configuration.