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You can optically archive (browser-based) PI sheets and work instructions and then delete them from the database. This enables you to achieve better system performance. You can then display the archived data from the archive at any time.

Note Note

PI sheets belonging to process orders with a batch record cannot be archived using this function. In this case, the process orders of the PI sheets have the status Batch Record Required or Batch Record Archived . You can only archive these PI sheets using the Optical Archiving of Batch Records function.

End of the note.


  • The optical achiving is carried out using the ArchiveLink component.

  • PI sheets and work instructions optically archived with this function are displayed in the overview list of the transaction Find PI Sheets (CO60) or the transaction Find Work Instructions (CO60XT) with the status Archived (EBR) .


  • The PI sheet or the work instructions you want to archive must have one of the following statuses:

    • Completed

    • Terminated

    • Discarded

  • You have made the necessary Customizing settings for ArchiveLink . You will find the Customizing activities in the IMG for SAPNetweaver under   Application Server   Basis Services   ArchiveLink   Basic Customizing.  

    You have made the following settings for optical archiving:

    • In the Customizing activity Define Content Repositories (transaction OAC0), check that a content repository of the storage type 04 HTTP-Content-Server exists. Choose the detailed view for this server and carry out a connection test by choosing the Test Connection function key.

    • In the Customizing activity Edit Document Types (transaction OAC2), create the following entry for the global document type PROD_INST.

      • Document type: PROD_INST

      • Long description PI sheet/work instructions

      • Document category: HTM

      • Save your entries.

    • In the Customizing activity Edit Links (transaction OAC2), create the following entry for the linkage of your content repository:

      • Object type: BUS4200000 (PI sheet)

      • Document type: PROD_INST

      • Status: X

      • Link: TOA01

      • Save your entries.

  • Settings for the batch record in Customizing for Process Orders :

    The Batch Record Required indicator must not be set in the parameters for the order types with which you produce the batches that are to be logged.

  • Browser settings for the PI sheet

    To display the PI sheet or work instructions and the associated archive document, you need the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 5.0 or higher. Note that the settings you make for the Internet Explorer also apply to the PI sheet.


Documents for Archiving
PI Sheets and Work Instructions

The browser-based PI sheet or set of work instructions is an XML document that is prepared as an HTML document using an XSL style sheet and then loaded into the SAP HTML control for processing. The following objects of a PI sheet or set of work instructions are archived:

  • The XML document of the PI sheet enhanced by the data entered during processing.

  • A copy of the associated XSL stylesheet tailored to meet the requirements for archive display

  • A copy of all files referenced in the stylesheet except HTML files

    Note Note

    Hyperlinks contained in the document are retained. The files invoked by these hyperlinks are not archived, however.

    Text symbols referring to language-specific texts are replaced by the text to which they refer when the PI sheet is archived. The text is inserted in the language that was used when archiving was triggered or that was assigned to the relevant step when the archiving job was scheduled.

    End of the note.
Documents with System Data

With the exception of PI sheets and work instructions, system data is assembled in the form of SAPscript documents and optically archived via SAP ArchiveLink.

Attachments with Any Files from External Systems

You transfer these files to the optical archive using SAP ArchiveLink . To do so, you must have defined your own document type for the object type PI Sheet (BUS 42000000 ) and the relevant document category .

In the standard system, the document type PROD_INST ( PI sheet and work instructions ), with the document category HTM, is provided for PI sheets and work instructions.

Archiving PI Sheets and Work Instructions

The following functions are available for archiving:

  • You can archive PI sheets and work instructions with or without preselection.

  • You can carry out the archiving using a background job.

  • You can display the archived objects.

  • You can delete archived objects from the database with or without preselection.

  • You can delete the archived objects using a background job.

All functions can be invoked via a transaction:

To archive, delete or display PI sheets,   chooseLogistics   Production - Process   Process Management   PI Sheet   Archiving   from the SAP Easy Access menu .

To archive, delete, or display work instructions,   chooseLogistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Process Integration   Work Instructions   Archiving   from the SAP Easy Access menu .