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 Printing the Log Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Product Cost Planning   Environment   Costing Run   Print Logs   .  

  2. The screen Print Error Logs for Costing Run appears.

  3. Enter the costing run and date.

  4. In the screen area Print parameters , specify the logs to be printed.

  5. You can generate and print a log for every step of the costing run, such as for material selection and costing.

  6. If you want to print the logs in the background, turn on the Background processing indicator.

  7. Choose  ( ) .

  8. Check the print parameters and choose Continue .

The logs are printed.

 ( )

If you have turned on the Background processing indicator, the logs are not printed immediately; instead, the Background Processing: Job Parameters dialog box appears.

Turn on the indicator Immediate start if you want the background job to start immediately, or enter the start date. You can specify further start criteria for the background parameters. For example, you can specify that the job should not start until another job has been completed, or after a certain event has taken place.

If you want to check the print parameters once more, turn on the Print parameters indicator, and choose Copy .

Choose   System   Own jobs   to go to a job overview. For more information, see Background Processing .