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 Displaying an Error Log Locate this document in the navigation structure

If errors occur when you carry out the mass replace function, the system creates an error log.

In the error log, you can

  • display a list of messages issued by the system

  • sort and group system messages according to specific criteria

System messages can be distinguished according to their message type . There are four different message types in the error log:

  • notification messages

  • warning messages

  • error messages

  • termination messages

Proceed as follows to display the error log:

  1. On the where-used list, select the menu options Goto Log .

  2. You reach the Error Management and Analysis: Initial Screen . The system displays the number of messages issued for the individual message types.

  3. Select the menu option Log Display Total.


select the menu options Log Display For department or For message type... to display the error log for a specific department or message type.

The log displays only the data fields defined with field selection . The field selection is preset in the system. To change the field selection, select the menu options Settings Field selection... and select the data fields you want displayed in the error log.

Note Note

Please note that the texts of the sytem messages are only displayed if the data field "message text" is selected.

End of the note.

Proceed as follows to sort system messages in the error log:

Select the menu options Edit Sort and the desired sort criteria (for example, by department or by task list).