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You can also enter confirmations for individual capacities. An individual capacity is a subdivision of an operation’s capacity requirements (for example, between various machines or employees). Each individual capacity that you create for an operation receives a split number.


You have two ways of confirming individual capacities:

  • Manual Confirmation of an Individual Capacity

With relation to capacity category and split number, you can confirm quantities as well as activities for an individual capacity.

  • Summary Confirmation of all Individual Capacities

Using a Summary Confirmation , you can confirm a degree of processing for all individual capacities. All the quantities and activities are confirmed proportionally by entering a degree of processing.

Updating actual values

You use the NoActValue indicator (Customizing for Shop Floor Control , by choosing   Operations   Capacity Planning   Define Capacity Category   ) to control whether the capacity requirement of an operation is also reduced when you confirm splits, dependent on the capacity category. If the indicator is set, the system only reduces the capacity requirements of the splits. If it is not set, the system reduces both the capacity requirements of the splits and of the operation.

If the NoActValue indicator is not set, the actual values of the splits as well as those of the operation are updated when the splits are confirmed. If you are working with standard value splits, make sure

  • You confirm for only one split or

  • None of the splits is confirmed, but you enter an extra confirmation for the quantities in the operation.

When the quantities are confirmed both in the individual splits and the operation, the confirmed quantities are added together. This has the following effects:

  • Due to the increased quantity confirmation, the system reduces too much capacity requirement

  • In the case of backflushing, too many components are issued

  • In the case of automatic goods receipt, the system posts too much material to stock

Actual costs are only calculated, if the indicator No actual values is not set. In this case only, the actual values of the split are passed on to the operation. When you confirm splits for a capacity category, and the confirmed values of the individual capacity are passed on to the operation, you make sure that you also confirm any activities performed by a capacity category that does not pass its actual values on to the operation.

Example Example

You have an operation that is processed using two capacities: One capacity with the capacity category Machine, with two splits, and one with the category Person , also with two splits. You have set the NoActValue indicator for the capacity category Machine , so that the actual values are not confirmed twice. Only when the splits for the capacity category Person are confirmed, are actual values confirmed and as a result the actual costs are calculated. Activities that only arise for the capacity category Machine (for example, machine time) should then also be entered when the capacity category Person is confirmed.

End of the example.