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 Replacing PRTs (Mass Replacement) Locate this document in the navigation structure

Proceed as follows to replace a production resource/tool in all or a large number of routings:

  1. From the routings menu, select the menu options   Extras   Mass replace   Prod.resources/tools   .

  2. You reach the Replace PRTs in Task Lists: Selection screen where you can enter data for a production resource/tool with a material master record .

  3. To replace a PRT with a different category , select the menu options   Settings   PRT category   .

    You reach the Production Resources/Tools Category dialog box. Choose the desired PRT category.

  4. Maintain the PRT data. For additional information about the different PRT categories and their data, refer to the section Production Resources/Tools .

  5. Select the menu options   Settings   Replace with   and the PRT category of the new production resource/tool with which you want to replace the old one. Maintain the data for the new PRT and press Continue .

  6. Select an overview variant. To select an overview variant, select the menu options   Settings   Object overview   or press the function key Object overview .

  7. You reach the Enter overview variant dialog box. Enter the desired overview variant and press Continue.

  8. Select the menu options   Goto   Execute   .

  9. You see a list of all routings and sequences in which the old PRT is assigned to an operation.

    If necessary, you can also enter a different new PRT for replacement. To do this, select the menu options   Settings   Replace with   and the PRT category of the new production resource/tool.

  10. To delete any PRT assignments before replacing the PRT, select the operation and the menu options   Edit   Delete PRT   .

The old PRT assignment is deleted. The new PRT is not assigned to this operation after replacement.

From this point on, the process of replacing PRTs is the same as that of work centers. (see: Replacing Work Centers (Mass Replacement) from step 6 onward)