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The SAP List Viewer standardizes and simplifies the use of lists and reports. This provides standardized interfaces and formats for all lists and reports.


Examples of important functions in Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC):

  • Creating, changing, and managing layouts

    Layouts enable you to change the format of reports. You can specify which fields are displayed in the report, and change the sequence in which these fields are displayed. In addition, you can adjust the width of the individual columns to meet your specific requirements. For more information, see Creating, Changing, and Managing Layouts .

  • Sorting in ascending  ( ) and descending order  ( )

    You can have the lines sorted in ascending or descending order according to column value.

  • Setting a filter  ( )

    You can choose to have the system display only the lines that meet certain criteria.

  • Displaying totals  ( ) and subtotals  ( )

    Within a list, you can calculate totals and subtotals over one or more chosen columns.

  • Displaying detailed information  ( )

    You can access detailed information for the individual lines of the list.

  • Searching  ( )

    You can search for specific information.

  • Printing lists  ( ) and print preview  ( )

    You can print the lists and call up a print preview before printing.

  • Exporting data  ( )

    You can copy the lists, for example, into a spreadsheet or save them as a local file.

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Not all of the functions mentioned above are available in every report.

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For detailed information on the SAP List Viewer and on defining layouts, see SAP List Viewer (ALV): Classic in the cross-application components.