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The assignment of serial numbers when creating a production order, enables you to choose between single items of a material. Each produced part can then be uniquely identified using the combination of the material number and the serial number .


If you want to use the serial number assignment function, you must work with the PM module.


The following requirements must be fulfilled if you want to assign single items of a material with a serial number when you create a production order:

  • In the material master record ( Storage area) of the material to be produced, a serial number profile must be assigned

  • The serial number profile must permit the creation of serial numbers for the serialization activity Create production order (PPAU)


For each material, you can specify

  • When the serial number is assigned (for example, when the production order is created, during goods receipt)

  • Whether serial numbers must be assigned then or whether the user can decide whether the serial numbers are to be assigned, or whether the serial numbers are assigned automatically by the system

If serial numbers are assigned automatically, then you must manually trigger assignment by selecting   Header   Select serial numbers   in the order header and then determine the number yourself or let the system do this ( Create serial number automatically).

Note Note

If you change the order quantity after assigning serial numbers in the production order, then the system informs you that the number of assigned serial numbers must be checked and adjusted.

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During goods receipt of the manufactured product, the serial numbers are transferred from the production order to inventory management.


Create a serial number profile with the relevant settings in Customizing for Plant maintenance . Assign the profile to the affected material master records.

For more information about serial number profiles, refer to the Management of Serial Numbers document.