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The following applies to the confirmation of rework quantities or rework operations:

  • You can confirm rework at operation or at order header level. If you confirm at order header level, it is assumed that the rework was incurred in the last operation.

  • During confirmation, you can enter a rework quantity directly. The rework quantity is the amount that, after the original operation, requires additional processing before it can be counted as yield. In the case of the rework quantity, it is assumed that this can be counted as yield again by being reworked.

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When the system determines the Expected yield variance, it counts the confirmed rework quantity as yield.

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  • When you confirm a rework operation (that is, an operation in which rework was carried out), the operation quantity is proposed as the quantity to be confirmed. This means that the confirmed yield of the last operation with final confirmation has no influence on rework operations

Rework and Backflushing

When components that are assigned to an operation are backflushed, the system takes into account the yield, the scrap quantity and the rework quantity.

Rework and Automatic Goods Receipt

You can only carry out an automatic goods receipt for the original operation (that is, the operation in which rework was reported) and not for the actual rework operation. If you post an automatic goods receipt for the original operation, the system only posts the confirmed yield to stock. Any reworked goods must be posted to stock manually using Inventory Management functions.