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Where-Used Lists

By generating where-used lists, you can display the routings which use particular

  • Work centers

  • Reference operation sets, reference rate routings

  • Production resources/tools (PRTs)

You may need this information if, for example, you want to delete a work center or reference operation set but you want to check first if it is being used in a routing. If you want, you can also display routings you have already deleted online but which still exist on the database.

You can use the overview variant to control the information in the list and the order in which it is listed (for example, material, validity, status, etc.).

Replacing Data in Routings

If you want to replace an object in several routings with another object (for example, an old work center with a new one) you can use the mass replace function . You do not have to generate a where-used list in order to replace each work center individually. Instead, you can use the mass replace function to quickly and completely replace work centers in all routings where they are used.

With the mass replace function, you can replace the following objects in a routing:

  • Work centers

  • Reference operations sets/reference rate routings

  • Production Resources/Tools

The system generates a list of all routings that use the object to be replaced.

Note Note

When you use the mass replace function without a change number, the new objects will have the same validity periods as the old objects.

End of the note.