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 Controlling Mass Replacement Processing Locate this document in the navigation structure

Proceed as follows to control how the work center is to be replaced :

  1. On the where-used list of headers, sequences and operations where the old work center is used, select the menu options   Settings   Change replace mode.  

  2. You reach the BDC Mode: Change dialog box.

  3. Maintain the following data:

  4. Function : This key controls how the work center is replaced:

    Online : (standard default) Replacement is carried out immediately after you select the menu option Replace work center . The objects where you want the work center to be replaced are processed one after another. Depending on the display mode you select, the system will display certain screens for you to maintain after the replacement (for example, for default values).

    Batch input session : : A batch input session is created by the system. The work center is replaced at a later time. To replace the work center, you process the contents of the batch input session using session management. You can call up session management from every application by selecting the following menu options:   System   Services   Batch   input   Edit   .  

    Display mode : The display mode controls which screens are to be displayed during replacement. You can choose between the following:

    – all screens on which work centers were replaced

    – only the screens on which errors occurred during replacement. For example, if the new work center has different standard values than the old one, and the standard values are required entries, then the entry screen for the new standard values will be displayed.

    – no screen (standard default)

    Session : Name of the batch input session that you want to use for replacing the work center at a later date.

    Authorization : Name or identification with which the authorization for processing the batch input session is linked.

    Save mode : Controls whether saving or updating during replacement occurs in synchronous mode (at the same time) or in asynchronous mode (delayed). In the standard version of the software, the update is carried out synchronously.

  5. Save your entries by pressing the function key Continue .