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You use this report to obtain information on operation yield for all defined materials and operations. The yield is recorded for each time, or pass, the SFC number is processed through the operation. The yield record stores data for the First Pass and Retest.



The search parameters for the report include the following:

  • Material

  • Operation

  • Work center

  • Resource

  • Operation type

  • Date range


Using this report you can also view the quantity of SFC numbers of specific material processed through the specified operation. The results include the following data:

  • Operation

  • Material and its version

  • First pass yield

  • First pass quantity of material started

  • First pass quantity of material completed

  • Retest yield

  • Retest quantity of material started

  • Retest quantity of material completed

By default, the report is displayed in a graphical view.

For more information, see SAP ME Objects.