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You have to create configurable bills of material as well as configurable routings for configurable materials. A configurable routing describes the production process for all variants of a product. Instead of creating a routing for each variant of a product, you can create operations for one routing, or a "super" routing .

The "super" routing is a combination of operations, operation sequences and production resources/tools which are

  • needed for all variants of the configurable material


  • variant-specific

You use selection conditions in a routing to specify which operations are required for a specific variant.

Example Example

An operation specified for polishing is always necessary at the end of production for a car. However, operations to install and test an air conditioner are only necessary if air conditioning is an option chosen for the car.

End of the example.

You create a routing for a configurable material in the same way as any other routing. However, you must also maintain object dependencies for:

  • Sequences

  • Operations/sub-operations

  • Production resource/tool assignments

In the operation overview, the indicator OD to the right of the operation allows you to see whether object dependencies already exist. By double-clicking on the indicator, you access assignment maintenance.

When you create an order for a configurable material, the system configures the appropriate routing using object dependencies.

Note Note

You can use the results of a configuration simulation when you create a routing.

End of the note.

See also:

For additional information about configuring routings and creating object dependencies, refer to the LO Variant Configuration Guide .