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You can specify the pricesfor the resource consumption valuation individually. You can also use price determination to specify criteria, combinations of criteria or define rules for determining prices.

The system executes price determination using the condition technique. It enables you to adjust the access to the resource prices to meet your individual requirements. The system controls price determination using the following settings:

  • Condition types
  • Price tables
  • Access sequences
  • Costing sheets

In the standard system, SAP supplies price tables, access sequences, condition types and costing sheets. You can also define new, individual settings for price determination. For more information about Pricing, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) under ControllingOverhead Cost ControllingCost Center Accounting Planning Resource PlanningPricing Strategy .

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

The following access sequences are stored in the standard access sequence K001:

Price per cost center

Price per controlling area

Price per country/region

You must enter fiscal year and version as selection criteria. Other criteria, such as company code, controlling area, plant, cost center, region, and so on, you can define yourself.

Price table for the combination resource/region



Price in USD

Price unit

From per.



Power kWh







Power kWh

New York






You specify the criteria resource and region in an access sequence. The system uses this to ensure that you can maintain one price per region for a resource. During price maintenance, the above-mentioned prerequisites apply for one price, regarding version, currency key and validity period.

For example, for the resource “Power” in the Chicago region, price determination calculates a price of 0.22 USD in the entire fiscal year 1998 in version 000 for 100 kWh.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

You can store prices in any currency and for any integral price units.

Within one fiscal year and one version, the currency key for a resource must be the same.

You can store prices for a version from a specified period of a fiscal year The prices are then valid till the end of the fiscal year.

You can maintain resource prices in resource planning. To do so, choose PlanningCost and activity inputChangeExtrasResource planningMaintain prices .