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 Entering Time Ticket Confirmations Locate this document in the navigation structure

Call up time ticket confirmation entry using the transaction code CO11.

To create a progress confirmation choose Logistics Production Shop Floor ControlConfirmationEnterFor OperationProgress Confirmation

Enter the operation you want to confirm:

Enter the confirmation number or the order number, sequence number, and operation number and choose  ( ) with the quick info text Enter .

If you only enter the order number and choose  ( ) with the quick info text Enter, the operation overview appears.

Select the operation you want to confirm and choose  ( ) with the quick info text Detail .

Depending on the data you want to confirm, you can branch from the initial screen to various tab pages.



Personnel/additional data


Choose partial confirmation, final confirmation, or automatic confirmation.

If the operation has only been partly processed, you can still create confirmation data so as to document the current progress of the operation. In this case set the Partial confirmation indicator.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

A partial confirmation can be especially useful if the operations in your orders have long lead times.

When the operation has been completely processed set the Final confirmation indicator.

·         If you want the decision between a partial and final confirmation to be dependent on the quantity to be confirmed (see Variable Parameters ), choose Automatic confirmation

If you want to confirm data for an operation that is finished, and you wish to simultaneously clear any open reservations for the operation, set the Clear open reservs. indicator. This sets the Final issue indicator. The operation receives the system status final issue as well as the system status finally confirmed.

Enter the data you want to confirm.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

In time ticket confirmations, you enter the quantity that you have processed since the last confirmation for the operation. You can let the system suggest a yield to be confirmed (see Determining a Default for Yield ).

If not all fields that you need for confirmation are available on the screen, you can access the required fields or the required screens via the function keys or via the menu.

Save your confirmation.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

When you are entering a confirmation, you can go to the goods movements overview (choose  ( ) Goods movements ) to check or change goods movements that are to be posted with the confirmation, if required. As soon as you save a confirmation, the goods movements are also posted. For more information, see Goods Movement Overview .