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When you work with the order progress report, you can

  • Select the individual objects in the report in a flexible manner

  • Adapt the contents and the presentation of the report (for example, include hierarchy levels later)

  • Execute functions (for example convert planned orders)

  • Go to object maintenance (for instance Change production order )


Selection Criteria and Overall Profile

A progress report can be displayed for more than one sales order or a WBS element. The requirement elements and procurement elements are displayed.

The following selection criteria are available:

  • Plant

  • Sales order from-to

  • Sales order item from-to

  • Project

  • WBS element

  • Material

  • Production/process order, network

  • Planned order

If you want to display all objects for a sales order , enter the sales order with item number. By entering a material or production order, you can further limit the number of objects displayed.

If you want to display objects from the Project System , you have to choose a network or a material. The selected object (network or material) must be assigned to a WBS element. Depending on what you have entered, a structure is displayed, from which you can select a network or material.

You can enter the overall profile on the selection screen (see Settings for the Order Progress Report ).

Report Structure, Contents and Presentation (List-Based)

You can use the following functions in the list-based order report to adapt the structure, contents and presentation of the report:



Switch between normal and compressed layout

 ( ) ( Switch Layout )

Change overall profile

 ( ) Profile

Change selected fields for elements and materials

 ( ) ( Field Selection )

Expand hierarchy tree for a subtree (depending on cursor position), read further hierarchy levels (if there are more objects below the cursor position)

 ( ) ( Expand )

Read more hierarchy levels

 ( ) ( C omplete Expansion)

Display a subtree of the report up to the element on which the cursor is positioned. Use this function to switch back to complete presentation

 ( ) ( Subtree <-> Co mplete Expansion)

Display a subtree of the report from the cursor position down. Switch back to the complete presentation by selecting the top element (shown on a separate line )

  Edit   Focus  

Step-by-step expansion up to next exception

 ( ) ( Expand Until Exception )

Navigation Options



Branch to other screens


Stock overviewPurchase order historyMaterial document

 ( ) Stock/requirements (stock/requirements list)

 ( ) MRP (MRP list)

 ( ) Sales (sales document flow)

Process a selected element

  Goto   Element  

Planned orderProduction orderSales orderMaterial masterPurchase orderPurchase requisitionNetwork

Additional Functions



Convert planned order to production order

  Functions   Convert planned order to production order  

You select the planned order to convert and choose the function above. The system converts the planned orders online.

Convert planned orders to production orders

  Functions   Convert Planned Order to Production Orders  

You select the planned orders that you want to convert and choose the above function. The system executes the function in the background. You can continue working in the report. The system responds by displaying a dialog box when it has finished the conversion.

Conversion of planned order to purchase requisition

  Functions   Convert Planned Order into Purchase Requisition  

Manually trigger update of progress values

  Functions   Update Progress Values  

Determines the pegged requirement for a MRP element

 ( ) ( Pegged Requirements )