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A special type of profit center group . The standard hierarchy is a tree structure which contains all profit centers in a controlling area and reflects the organizational structure used in Profit Center Accounting.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

You should only perform the steps below if the enterprise organization is not active in the controlling area.

There are two places where you can create/change the structure of the standard hierarchy:

In the Profit Center Accounting application menu, under Master DataCreate/Change/Display Standard Hierarchy .

In Customizing for Profit Center Accounting, under Master DataProfit CenterMaintain Standard Hierarchy .

You have now created a basic profit center group. To indicate this as a standard hierarchy, you have to enter its name in Customizing for Profit Center Accounting, under Basic SettingsControlling Area SettingsMaintain Controlling Area Settings.

Create the profit centers and assign each profit center to a node in the standard hierarchy. You have two options here:

Create a profit center in individual processing. In the field Hierarchy Area , enter the name of the node to which you want the profit center should be assigned. For more information on individual processing, see creating , changing and deleting profit centers (individual processing) .

Create a profit center from the standard hierarchy. To do this, choose Change Standard Hierarchy . Position the cursor on the node to which you want to assign the profit center, and choose  ( ) . You edit profit centers in the detail area in much the same way as in individual processing (see a).

If you choose b), status maintenance is not performed in the detail area. Instead, you have to mark the corresponding objects for activation (  ( ) ) and/or mark inactive versions for deletion (  ( ) inactive ) in the selection area. This procedure allows you to process profit centers collectively.



If you have the enterprise organization active in the controlling area, the standard hierarchy is generated automatically from the enterprise organization (or, where necessary, using an alternative profit center structure view) For further information, see Linking the Enterprise Organization and the Standard Hierarchy and Generating an alternative profit center structure .

Cost center standard hierarchy

You can define the structure of profit centers in your organization to correspond roughly to your cost center structure. If this is the case, you can copy the entire cost center hierarchy to your profit center hierarchy. Using the editing functions, you can then modify the hierarchy as necessary to meet your requirements in Profit Center Accounting. You can only use this function if the enterprise organization is not active in the controlling area.