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You can use the Statistical Process Control (SPC) to quickly identify when a process change has occurred when the process is out of control and when the process is trending towards being out of control.

SPC is a method of monitoring a process during its operation to control the quality of the products while they are being produced. It involves gathering information about the product, or the process itself, on a near real-time basis so that the operator can take action to ensure that the process remains in control.

SPC enables the manufacturing engineer or the production supervisor to obtain and analyze statistical data about the manufacturing process at a site. The data collected determines whether characteristics of the material being manufactured, or of the process, fall within acceptable limits.

Implementation Considerations

When you work with SPC, you decide the following:

  • What chart type you want to see

  • What labels you want to display for control chart axes

  • What specification and control limits you want to define for secondary charts

  • What axes labels for control charts you want to maintain

    Note Note

    Not all chart types require secondary spec and control limits.

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  • What event type you want to assign to each trend rule for a site

  • When SPC analysis is performed and then displayed on the POD