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For maintenance and service orders, you can choose whether you want to trace costs at the header level or at the operation level. If you opt for the operation level, you can enter, plan, and post estimated costs, plan costs, and actual costs at the order operation level.

You use an account assignment at the order operation level within an order to obtain more detailed cost information.


The system can consider the order operations as the account assignment objects in the postings for Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Materials Management (MM), and Sales and Distribution (SD):

      The system issues the order number and operation number in the corresponding line items and in the line item display.

      When you want to post orders using the order operation as the account assignment in MM, FI, and CO, the Order Number and Operation Number fields in the coding block become ready for input.


You have made the required settings in Customizing for account assignments at the operation level:

      If you want to use maintenance and service orders with an account assignment at the operation level, you need to specify the necessary combination of order type and maintenance planning plant in Customizing.

You make the relevant settings in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Maintenance and Service Processing Maintenance and Service Orders Functions and Settings for Order Types Costs at Operation Level Define Cost Settings.

      If you want to perform resource-related billing and create quotations, you need to have made the appropriate settings for the dynamic item processor (DIP) profile for quotation creation and billing. For the system to be able to process the items by cost object, you need to select the object number in the DIP profile as a criterion not relevant for summarization.

You make the settings in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Maintenance and Service Processing Basic Settings Quotation Creation and Billing for Service Orders Profiles for Quotation Creation, Billing, Results Analysis.


Note that a maintenance and service order with an account assignment at the operation level cannot be used as an investment order or as a refurbishment order. In Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service, the system is preconfigured in such a way that you can only choose order types without an account assignment at the operation level as investment orders or refurbishment orders:

       Maintenance and Service Processing Functions and Settings for Order Types Order Types and Investment Management Indicate Order Types for Investment Measures

       Maintenance and Service Processing Functions and Settings for Order Types Indicate Order Types for Refurbishment Processing



You define the settlement rules for an order at the operation level so that the system settles actual costs at the operation level. You can enter and settle actual costs separately for the respective order operations.

In addition, you also find the cost information at the order header level. The system always determines the plan costs dynamically at the header level of the order from the total of plan costs for all operations.


The following functions are not available for the account assignment object Order Operation:

      The system cannot post revenue to an order operation.

      The system cannot use an order operation as a settlement receiver. The system consequently does not accept any order operations as receiver objects in the settlement rules.



For account assignments at the operation level for maintenance orders or service orders, you can use the functions listed in the following table.

To access these functions, go to the SAP Easy Accessscreen and choose Logistics Plant Maintenance Maintenance Processing Order.


Menu Path

What you need to know

Edit Account Assignment Information and Estimated Costs for Operation

On Operations tab page, choose Account Assignment

Once you have planned or posted an order with costs, the plan costs/quantities and the actual costs/quantities are also displayed in this screen.

Note that the system determines the plan costs at the header level from the total of plan costs for all operations.

Display Aggregated Costs for All Operations

Report Planned/Actual pushbutton


Display Commitments Report

Budget/Commitments Report pushbutton


Copy Plan Costs Manually to Estimated Costs

On the Header Data tab page, choose Copy Estimated Costs from Planned Costs

If you perform this transfer before releasing the order, you can document the status of the plan costs at the time when the order is released.

Create Settlement Rules for Operations

On the Account Assignment tab page, choose Settlement Rule

You can choose whether the system applies the settlement rules stored in the existing master data or whether you want to edit the settlement rules manually.

Create Settlement Rules Automatically for All Operations

Order Functions Settlement Rules

At the order header level, you can centrally generate settlement rules for all operations that do not yet have a settlement rule. The system determines a settlement rule from the master data in the order and enters this rule in the relevant operations.


At the order header level, you cannot edit settlement rules for orders assigned at the operation level. The relevant pushbutton is not active.

Display Operation Settlement Rule

Goto Logs Operation Settlement Rule

The operation settlement rule displays the errors logs created when the settlement rules were created.

Copy Existing Settlement Rules at Operation Level to New Order

Select the Settlement Rule checkbox

You use this checkbox to specify whether you want to copy existing settlement rules at the operation level from the specified reference order to the new order. The system issues a message if the desired settlement rule differs from that of the reference order. You can then decide which settlement rule is applied thereafter.

This function is available independently of the order type used.

Use a WBS element in Order Header or Order Operation

On the Location tab page in the Account Assignment area


On the Additional Data tab page in the Organization area

With an order assigned at the operation level, you can use a WBS element in the order header as well as in the order operation. Note that, for an order, the system does not consider the assignment at the header level for cost evaluations and availability checks. The assignment can only be used for scheduling purposes.

Assign Order to Investment Program

Goto Assignments Investment Program

You cannot assign an order to an investment program if one or more order operations is assigned to a WBS element. On the other hand, the assignment at the operation level is not permitted once the order is assigned to an investment program.

Display Currency of Costs for Each Order Operation

Currency field

You use this field to specify the currency in which the costs for the order operations are displayed.



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