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This section describes the range of reporting functions for BOMs.


The SAP system supports the following reporting functions:

BOM Explosion

Where-Used List

BOM Comparison

You can choose from two different layouts:

  • SAP List Viewer (ALV)

    In this layout, the reporting list is displayed in the form of a table.

    See: SAP List Viewer (ALV) Grid Control

  • Variable List

    In this layout, the display of the reporting list is flexibly controlled by a display profile. You can use the standard profile provided with the standard SAP System, or you can define your own display profile to adapt the list to your requirements. Each profile can be displayed on the screen as well as printed out. For more information, see Display Profile For Lists .

    Furthermore, there are additional functions for the extension of the view available to you in the variable list. For more information, see Extending the View for BOM Explosion .


You can find the BOM reporting functions in the SAP menu under   Logistics   Production   Master data   BOMs   Reporting  

You activate the variable list as follows:

  1. On the initial screen of the appropriate reporting function, click  ( ) .

    The View screen appears.

  2. Set the Variable List indicator .

    The system shows the additional fields for display profiles and extending the view.