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Function documentationRelaxed Routing Flow and NC Dispositioning


When operators log a nonconformance (NC) code against a partial quantity of an SFC on a relaxed routing and disposition the quantity to another routing, the system can automatically split (AUTO_SPLIT) the dispositioned quantity into a new SFC (see Log NC (NC Data Entry)). The system copies related records to the new SFC according to system rule settings. Operators can continue processing the original SFC on the production routing.

When the split SFC is returned to the production routing, the system can automatically merge (RETURN_AUTO_MERGE) the split quantity back into the original SFC on the production routing (see Complete). The SFC created with the split is marked as Invalid.

Caution Caution

Automatic merging applies only to SFCs that were automatically split on a routing with relaxed routing flow.

End of the caution.

Note Note

To reduce data, duplicate child record such as redundant activity log records will generally not be associated with the original SFC. However, DC group data values collected against a child SFC are copied to the parent SFC to retain the full data collection history.

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