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Loader enables you to export from a SAP MaxDB database to the file system or import application data from the file system to a SAP MaxDB database.

Because Loader supports a great number of file formats it can often be used to export and import data instead of special application programs. Due to its specialization on SAP MaxDB databases, Loader also supports direct transport of data from one database to another one running on a different hardware structure or a different operating system. You have the option of transporting all of the data from a database, from a certain database user, the individual tables from a special database schema or just a number of qualified columns. As well as files, Loader also supports pipes and back-up tools from other providers as transport media.

Implementation Considerations

Loader is a component of the SAP MaxDB software. Loader is a command line tool that can be used on all operating systems supported by the database system.

As of SAP MaxDB version 7.7, Database Studio database tool provides a GUI for Loader. More information: Database Studio


Loader Tutorial

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