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SQL Database Connectivity (SQLDBC) is an SAP MaxDB-specific runtime environment for developing database applications and database interfaces for SAP MaxDB. Using SQLDBC, applications can access SAP MaxDB databases, execute SQL statements and change data. SQLDBC was developed in a similar way to the ODBC and JDBC interfaces and also shares the same object-oriented architecture.

SQLDBC consists of the runtime library libSQLDBC, the software development kit SQLDBC SDK and the tool sqldbc_cons. SQLDBC can be used on all operating systems supported by the database system. It is a component of the SAP MaxDB software.

SQLDBC replaces the old C/C++ Precompiler. More information: SAP Notes 649814 and 822239.


  • Unlimited number of database connections and SQL statements

  • Complete Unicode support (UCS2 and UTF-8)

  • Flexible result sets (navigation within the result set, changing the result set)

  • Piece-wise writing of characters and binary data (LOB interface)

  • Support of the following SQL and C data types:


    • BLOB, CLOB


    • STREAMS (BLOB, CLOB, ABAP, and liveCache)

  • Internal temporary storage of SQL statements in the parse info cache

  • Optimization of SELECT and FETCH statements

  • Optimization of the packages (use of multiple segments, use of unoccupied space in packages for administration tasks, use of a mixed Unicode/ASCII mode, alternating buffer technology for INSERT statements)

  • Extensive trace options

  • Multi-threading (parallel execution of SQL statements, ending long-running SQL statements, synchronization in a multi-threading environment, independence of parallel database connections)

More Information

You can find a detailed programming reference for SQLDBC on the MaxDB website at