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The Loader Java classes provide functions for exporting data from/importing data to a database for your Java application.


You have installed the Loader Java classes.

More information: Installing the SAP MaxDB JDBC Driver and Java Classes


The Loader Java classes are located in the file <installation_path>\runtime\jar\sapdbc.jar.

Note Note

You can display the installation path using the dbm_getpath DBM command:

dbmcli dbm_getpath InstallationPath

For more information, see Database Manager CLI, dbm_getpath.

End of the note.

Example Example

C:\Program Files\sdb\Installation_2009-07-21\runtime\jar\sapdbc.jar

End of the example.
Loader Java Classes



Establishing and closing the connection to a database

Executing Loader commands for import and export and executing SQL statements

Error handling

More information: Error Handling (Loader Java Classes)

More Information

Loader, Loader Commands and SQL Statements