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This documentation describes the basics for installing and uninstalling SAP MaxDB software, creating databases, updating the database software, and upgrading databases on all operating system platforms supported by SAP MaxDB.

You can use the SAP MaxDB software to create, use, and manage SAP MaxDB databases. You can use a SAP MaxDB database as the database for an SAP system and as a less expensive alternative to databases from other vendors for your own or third-party applications as well.

A Community Edition of SAP MaxDB software can be downloaded at Information about the license conditions that apply for the use of SAP MaxDB outside of SAP systems can be found at It is also displayed when you download the installation packages from that website.

Download the Database Software Package plus the Database Studio Tools Package, which contains the administration tool for SAP MaxDB databases.

The current version is SAP MaxDB 7.8.

Prior to version 7.7, SAP MaxDB was delivered under the names MaxDB and SAP DB.

For information about the basic concept of SAP MaxDB installations, see Software Overview.

For descriptions of the installation, upgrade, or uninstallation procedures, see Using Installation Manager.

In special cases you might want to install, upgrade, or uninstall the database software in the command line. For that purpose, see Installation, Upgrade and Uninstalling in the Command Line.

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This documentation is related to SAP MaxDB software of version 7.5 or higher. For installing, updating, or upgrading SAP MaxDB software of a lower version, see the SAP MaxDB 7.6 Library at

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This documentation is not relevant for installing or uninstalling SAP MaxDB software in SAP systems.

Installing and uninstalling the SAP MaxDB software required for SAP systems is described in SAP-specific guides. SAP customers can find more information in SAP Note 767598.

SAP customers receive the SAP MaxDB software with the SAP installation CD, or can obtain it through the SAP Service Marketplace at

SAP customers can find information about operating systems and architectures that support SAP MaxDB in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) at