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The Security Guide provides an overview of security-relevant information that applies to SAP MaxDB.

Caution Caution

This guide is not intended to replace a manual for day-to-day operation. We recommend customers create such a manual for their own specific production operations.

This guide represents the latest state of development. The contents may be changed without prior notice and are not binding for SAP.

End of the caution.
Target Audience
  • Technology consultants

  • System administrators

This document is not part of the Installation Guides, Configuration Guides, Technical Operation Manuals, or Upgrade Guides. Such guides are only relevant for a certain phase of the software life cycle, whereby the Security Guides provide information that is relevant for all life cycle phases.

Why Is Security Necessary?

With the increasing use of distributed systems and the Internet for managing business data, demands on security are also on the rise. When using a distributed system, you need to be sure that your data and processes support your business needs without allowing unauthorized access to critical information. User errors, negligence, or attempted manipulation on your system should not result in loss of information or processing time. These security requirements naturally also apply to SAP MaxDB. We offer this Security Guide to assist you in securing SAP MaxDB.

More Information

For more information about security measures for SAP MaxDB in SAP systems, see the SAP NetWeaver Security Guide.

A complete list of all available SAP Security Guides can be found in the SAP Service Marketplace at

Important SAP Notes

Current SAP notes that contain security-relevant information for SAP MaxDB can be found in the SAP Service Marketplace at   Security   SAP Security Notes   MaxDB; liveCache (Component BC-DB-SDB; BC-DB-LVC)  .

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