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SAP MaxDB provides a WebDAV servlet webdavServletMaxDB-<version>.war that implements the WebDAV protocol in accordance with RFC2518 (see

You can use an SAP MaxDB database as a document store and access the documents stored in it directly via the WebDAV servlet using a web client such as Microsoft Windows Explorer. You can use the WebDAV servlet on any operating system supported by the database system.

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The WebDAV servlet is a new implementation of the SAP MaxDB WebDAV interface. If you have already used WebDAV for access to an SAP MaxDB database in software version 7.5, the installation program automatically adapts your WebDAV document store for use with the new WebDAV servlet.

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As runtime environment for the SAP MaxDB WebDAV servlet, you need a servlet container, for example Apache Tomcat.

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You can use the following tools to access objects in a document store: