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The authoring environment is an integrated component of the Learning Management System of the SAP Learning Solution. It contains the following components:

·        A structure editor as a tool for creating and structuring learning content (learning nets and learning objects)

·        Instructional Element Editor, a tool for creating SCORM-compliant learning content (instructional elements)

·        Test Author for creating and holding certifications

The authoring environment enables you to create SCORM-compliant courses quickly and efficiently and provide online access to them.

Knowledge categories provide you with methodological-didactical help for structuring the learning content.

The Content Management System of the SAP Learning Solution provides support for the administration and versioning of learning content.

The use of learning strategies (such as inductive and deductive) for course creation enables you to provide learning content for different target groups. Learning content once structured can be put together at runtime for multiple learners with different learning approaches. The choice of learning strategy (for example, task- or example-oriented) lets the individual learner influence the structure of the learning content and thus work through the learning content in accordance with his or her learning needs.


Suitable editors from external providers can also be integrated in the authoring environment.


·        You can prepare and structure new learning content in the authoring environment.

·        You can integrate learning content from external providers.

·        You can use appropriate templates (knowledge categories) to help you methodically develop learning material, and default relationships to help structure learning content.

·        You create learning objects compliant with the internationally recognized SCORM standard Web-based learning content model.

·        Since learning objects are self-contained units according to SCORM, you can reuse them independent of one another, that is, switch between xml-based authoring tools and edit them.

·        You can provide learners with learning content for which learning paths are dynamically generated (Content Player).

·        SCORM-compliant courses can be imported, played, and revised (specifying relationships and attributes) to enable use of learning strategies.