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The Instructional Element Editor, otherwise known as the IEE, is called from the Authoring Environment of the SAP Learning Solution.

It enables you to create, format, and edit instructional elements in learning nets and learning objects.

The IEE enables integration of a variety of other file formats.

The IEE helps authors efficiently develop HTML pages. It contains different templates that enable authors to create new content and integrate existing content. A variety of templates are provided for the different instructional elements. These allow authors to design effective, appropriate content with a minimum of effort.

Authors create instructional elements compliant with the internationally recognized SCORM standard Web-based learning content model.


The Instructional Element Editor is a component of the SAP Learning Solution Authoring Environment. The IEE creates HTML pages that can be integrated in other PC file formats.  It provides authors with an 'Instructional Wizard' for speedy creation of high quality content.


The IEE supplies different instructional element types and instructional element templates. It also provides an interface for the integration of different file formats.

You can create instructional elements as HTML pages without any knowledge of HTML because the instructional elements are displayed as WYSIWYG already at the editing stage. The wizard helps the author to create an appropriate instructional element. The author is provided with help when creating texts.

The IEE provides a set of templates for page layout and text formatting. These templates can be integrated directly with the wizard’s help. Background graphics and audio components can be integrated in the instructional element.

The IEE provides a SCORM standard method to address the learner by name, and provides format templates to ensure standardized text formatting.