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Temporary database option DQP_ENABLED allows you to enable or disable distributed query processing at the connection level.

Allowed Values
The allowed values differ depending on your DQP scenario.

Allowed Value



Regular DQP.

1, 2

DQP for a Logical Server Policy. Used when creating a shared-nothing multiplex. Used in conjunction with the DQP_ENABLED_OVER_NETWORK option.
  • 1 - Query processing is distributed using the IQ_SHARED_TEMP shared temporary dbspace.

  • 2 - Query processing is distributed over the network using the high-speed TCP interconnect, and does not use IQ_SHARED_TEMP.
  • ON - Regular DQP

  • 1 - DQP for a Logical Server Policy.

Option can be set at the database (PUBLIC) or user level. At the database level, the value becomes the default for any new user, but has no impact on existing users. At the user level, overrides the PUBLIC value for that user only. No system privilege is required to set option for self. System privilege is required to set at database level or at user level for any user other than self.

Requires the SET ANY PUBLIC OPTION system privilege to set this option. Can be set temporary for an individual connection or for the PUBLIC role. Takes effect immediately.


You can set the temporary database option DQP_ENABLED to OFF to disable DQP for the current connection. You can set the option to ON (the default value) to enable DQP for the current connection, but only when DQP is enabled for the user by that user's login policy for the logical server of the current connection.

Setting DQP_ENABLED to ON results in an error if DQP is disabled based upon the user's login policy:

Invalid setting for option 'DQP_ENABLED'

Any changes you make to a user's login policy options affect new connections only. Login policy option settings for existing connections are based upon the time the connection was initially established.