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Multiplex Login Policy ConfigurationLocate this document in the navigation structure

Configure login policies for multiplex servers.


This example overrides the login policy settings on a logical server, increasing the maximum number of connections on logical server ls1:

ALTER LOGIN POLICY lp1 max_connections=20 LOGICAL SERVER ls1;

Applies only to multiplex.

Any login management commands you execute on any multiplex server automatically propagate to all servers in the multiplex. For best performance, execute these commands, or any DDL, on the coordinator.

An override at the logical server level override means that a particular login policy option has different settings for different logical servers. SYS.ISYSIQLSLOGINPOLICYOPTION stores login policy option values for logical-server override. For each logical-server override of a login policy option, a corresponding row exists in ISYSIQLSLOGINPOLICYOPTION.