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Controls license management configuration, properties, and authorizations.

     [ { 'allow' | 'disallow' } , {
           ' ALL ' 
           | ' <specific_license_name> ' 
           | ' IQ_VLDBMGMT ' , ' <quantity> ' } ]
     |  [ ' edition ' [, <edition_type> ]]          
     |  [ ' license type ' [,  <license_type_name> ]]          
     |  [ ' smtp host ' [, <smtp_host_name> ]]          
     |  [ ' smtp port ' [, <smtp_port_number> ]]        
     |  [ ' email sender ' [, <sender_email_address> ]]        
     |  [ ' email recipients ' [, <email_recipients> ]]
     |  [ ' email severity ' [, <email_severity> ]]  ] 
executing sp_iqlmconfig without parameters displays current license information.
'allow' | 'disallow'
enables or disables optional licenses:
sp_iqlmconfig 'allow', 'ALL'               // enable all, except IQ_VLDBMGT
sp_iqlmconfig 'disallow', 'IQ_SECURITY'    // disable IQ_SECURITY
The ALL keyword enables or disables all optional licenses, except IQ_VLDBMGMT. To enable or disable a specific license, specify the license by name.
Use the IQ_VLDBMGMT and <quantity> parameters to change the number of available IQ_VLDBMGT licenses:
sp_iqlmconfig 'allow', 'IQ_VLDBMGMT' , '8'          // increase by 8
sp_iqlmconfig 'disallow', 'IQ_VLDBMGMT'          // sets the quantity to 0
<quantity> is an integer value from 0 to 4294967295 that sets the number of available IQ_VLDBMGMT licenses.
Note The disallow parameter can only disable an unlicensed option if the option is not in use. If the server checks out an unlicensed option, the option cannot be unauthorized and the server may fall into grace mode.
identifies a specific license. To allow or disallow a specific license, specify the license by name:
  • 'IQ_CORE'
  • 'IQ_LOB'
  • 'IQ_UDF'
  • 'IQ_IDA'
  • 'IQ_UDA'
edition, <edition_type>
identifies the edition. edition is a static configuration parameter. The <edition_type> parameter identifies the license edition:
  • ’EE’ (Enterprise Edition)
license type, <license_type_name>
identifies the current license type. license type is a static configuration parameter. The <license_type_name> parameter identifies the license type:
  • ’CH’ (CPU License Chip)
  • ’DH’ (Development and Testing License Chip)
  • ’DT’ (Development and Testing)
  • ’EV’ (Evaluation) ’SF’ (Standby CPU License)
  • ’SH’ (Standby CPU License Chip)
smtp host, <smtp host name>

designates the SMTP host used to send e-mail for license event notifications.

smtp port, <smtp port number>

designates the SMTP port used to send e-mail for license event notifications.

email sender, <sender email address>

specifies the e-mail address used as the senders address on license event email notifications.

email recipients, <email recipients>

is a comma separated list of e-mail recipients who receive license event email notifications.

email severity, <email severity>
is the minimum severity of an error that causes an e-mail notification to be sent. The default is error, and the other possibilities are warning and informational. Values:
  • ’ERROR’
  • ’NONE’

You must have EXECUTE privilege on the system procedure. You must also have the SERVER OPERATOR system privilege.


At startup, sp_iqlmconfig checks the edition type and license type. If a specified license is not found, the server falls to grace mode. A specified license type becomes valid only when a non-null edition value is specified.

Using an unlicensed option on a licensed server can throw the server into grace mode, which can cause the server to shutdown when the grace period expires. The DBA must explicitly 'allow' access to an optionally licensed feature, or the feature will not be available:
  • Trying to use an ‘unauthorized’ optional feature, throws an exception:
    Authorization required to attempt checkout <specific_license_name> license
  • Trying to create a dbspace which increases the IQ main store size beyond the ‘authorized’ size, throws an exception:
    Insufficient quantity authorization available for IQ_VLDBMGMT license
The DBA can ‘disallow’ any unused optional feature, but once a feature is in use and the license is checked out, revoking access to that feature is no longer possible. Authorizing an IQ_MPXNODE optional license is not required. For multiplex, authorization is required only on one node (any one), and is propagated to all other nodes and enforced everywhere.
Display current license configuration
sp_iqlmconfig                       //  execute sp_iqlmconfig without parameters displays
                                    //  current license properties and values
                                    //  sample output below

Property                              Value
Edition                               EE
License Type                          DT
Application Type                      IQ
IQ_CORE License Count in use          2 (CPU core based)
Optional license in use : IQ_UDA      No                    
Optional license in use : IQ_LOB      No
Optional license in use: IQ_SECURITY  No
Optional license in use: IQ_MPXNODE   No
Optional license in use: IQ_VLDBMGMT  No
IQ_VLDBMGMT License Count in use      0 
Optional license in use: IQ_UDF       No
Optional license in use: IQ_IDA       No
Optional license in use: IQ_URIDA     No
Optional license in use: IQ_TS_FSF    No
Email Severity                        NONE
SMTP Host                             smtp
SMTP Port                             25  
Email Sender                          
Email Recipients 
Configure licenses
sp_iqlmconfig ’edition’, ’EE’          // configure enterprise edition
sp_iqlmconfig ’license type’, ’DT’     // configure DT license   
Enable optional features:
sp_iqlmconfig 'allow', 'ALL'             // enable all, except IQ_VLDBMGMT
sp_iqlmconfig 'allow', 'IQ_SECURITY'     // enable IQ_SECURITY license
Disable optional features:
sp_iqlmconfig 'disallow', 'ALL'             // disable all except IQ_VLDBMGMT
sp_iqlmconfig 'disallow', 'IQ_SECURITY'     // disable IQ_SECURITY license
sp_iqlmconfig 'disallow', 'IQ_VLDBMGMT'     // disable IQ_VLDBMGMT license
Change the number of IQ_VLDBMGT licenses
sp_iqlmconfig 'allow', 'IQ_VLDBMGMT', '8'          // increase to 8
sp_iqlmconfig 'disallow', 'IQ_VLDBMGMT', '2'       // reduce by 2 
Configure email notifications
sp_iqlmconfig 'smtp host', 'smtp'              // set the smtp host to 'smtp' 
sp_iqlmconfig smtp port, '25'                  // set the smtp port number to '25' 
sp_iqlmconfig ’email severity’, ’ERROR’        // set the email severity alert to 'error'