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In current multiplex configurations, multiple nodes can write to the main store, which eliminates the need for local stores. iqlsunload is a command line utility that you can use to unload a 12.7 local store. iqlsunload is used only in 12.7 ESD #5 multiplex migrations.

Syntax iqlsunload is bundled with all versions of SAP IQ starting with 12.7 ESD #5.
iqlsunload<options> ]  <directory> [ @<data> ]
<data>:[ <environment variable> | <file> ]
(required) identifies the directory where iqlsunload unloads the data files. Create this directory before you run iqlsunload, or point to an existing directory. This directory must be relative to the database on the database server.
(optional) unloads IQ local store schema and data.
(optional) supplies database connection parameters.
(optional) prints out the syntax (help) for the utility.
-o <filename>
(optional) logs output messages, including errors, to <filename>.
(optional) suppresses messages and windows.
-r <directory>
(optional) specifies the directory where SQL scripts are generated. The default reload command file is reload.sql in the current directory. The directory is relative to the current directory of the client application, not the server.
-t <list>
(optional) outputs listed tables only. Can specify OwnerName.TableName or TableName alone. Cannot be specified with ­al argument.
(optional) outputs verbose messages.
(optional) replaces existing reload schema SQL script without confirmation.
Example 1
unload local stores from a database called mpxtest2, extracting any table data to the directory /mydevice/test_dir/unload_dir :
iqlsunload -o iqunload_624.out -al
-c “UID=DBA;PWD=SQL;ENG=myserver_mpxtest02”

General Notes

  • Run iqlsunload from the $IQDIR16/lsunload directory to pick up updated libraries before resolving any IQ 12.7 libraries.

Unloaded Objects

Running iqlsunload with an -al argument unloads these persistent objects:
  • Base tables

  • Global temporary tables

  • Indexes

  • Domains (user-defined data types)

  • Constraints (column check constraint, table constraint, primary key, foreign key, unique, default, IQ unique, not null)

  • Views

  • Stored procedures and functions

  • Messages

  • Remote servers and external logins

  • Events

Empty User Names

SAP IQ no longer allow users with empty user names. You cannot drop or migrate users with empty user names the 12.6 or 12.7 server. The schema reload operation warns that an empty user name has been encountered and that the user will not be re-created. The reload operation ignores such users and any associated objects.

Unloading Tables

iqlsunload ignores any system tables or nonexistent tables:
  • If you extract table schema and data only, the legacy database collation must match the collation of the current database collation.

  • If you do not qualify table names with owner names, iqlsunload extracts table data from all tables with that table name.

Output Files

iqlsunload generates these output files:
Script Name Description
reload_schema.sql Recreates schema for unloaded objects (either objects from local store or tables selected by the user.) This script is executed against a node that writes to the multiplex. This node can be either the existing writer node, or a writer or coordinator for the multiplex after migration, depending on where you plan to recreate the schema.
extract_data.sql Extracts table data for the unloaded tables from the local store. Execute this script in Interactive SQL while connected to the query node from which it was generated. When this script executes, it generates the data files into the directory data.
reload_data.sql Loads extracted table data. This script is executed on the node where you ran reload_schema.sql, and reloads the data extracted from the extract_data.sql file.