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Check the schema for objects SAP IQ no longer supports.

Table 1: Unsupported metadata




Invalid database, table, or user names

Table names cannot contain double quote characters. User names and database names cannot contain double quote characters, single quote, or semicolon characters. User names and database names cannot start or end with a space.

Change the object name.

Reserved logical server names A logical server cannot be named ALL, AUTO, COORDINATOR, DEFAULT, OPEN, or SERVER. Drop the logical server before upgrading.

Join indexes

Join indexes are no longer supported.iqunload does not run if the database to be migrated contains join indexes.

Drop all join indexes before migrating data.

LD indexes

LD indexes are no longer supported.

Drop all LD indexes before migrating data.


iqunload searches BLANK PADDING OFF databases for any indexes that would become invalid after migration. iqunload fails and lists indexes and constraints that must be dropped and in which order.

Drop these indexes and constraints before the schema reloads and recreate the indexes and constraints after schema reload has been completed.

Unenforced constraints

iqunload fails and lists unenforced constraints that must be dropped.

Drop unenforced constraints before proceeding with migration.

Old 1-byte FP or old 2-byte FP indexes

Databases created with SAP IQ 12.4.2 or earlier may have these indexes. Because these indexes were automatically created by SAP IQ, you cannot drop and recreate them; you must rebuild them.

Allow iqunload to check for these and list them. Rebuild these indexes using sp_iqrebuildindex before migration.The rebuilt indexes are upgraded.