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Check the output logs to isolate migration problems.

SAP IQ 16.0 Engine Logs
Use the -new_startline " -z -zr all" argument to start iqsrv16 with extra logging:
iqunload -au -c "UID=DBA;PWD=SQL;DBF=/iq-15/
unload/127/db/iq127db.db" -new_startline "-z -zr all"
-o iq15db.out 
SAP IQ 12.7 Engine Logs
Use the START = -z -zr all argument to start the 12.7 engine with extra logging:
iqunload -v -au -c "UID=DBA;PWD=SQL;DBF=/iq-15/
unload/127/db/iq127db.db;START=-z -zr all
-o iq127db.out" 

See the Utility Guide for details about the -z and -zr all parameters.

Server Not Found
A message similar to this indicates that iqunload started the database but could not connect to the server:
SQL error:Database server not found

Check to see if iqunlspt is running and stop the process before retrying iqunload.

For example, here is top output:
load averages:  1.45,  1.19,  0.80; up 3+16:22:31
172 processes: 168 sleeping, 2 zombie, 2 on cpu
CPU states: 79.1% idle, 18.9% user,  1.9% kernel,  0.0%
iowait,  0.0% swap
Memory: 16G phys mem, 13G free mem, 16G swap, 16G free

21223 ybrown 1  59    0 2908K 1844K cpu      0:00  0.12% top
21172 ybrown 476  59    0  319M  264M sleep    0:01  0.05% iqunlspt
24890 ybrown 14  29   10   79M   43M sleep    0:49  0.03% java
20103 ybrown 1  59    0 7916K 2080K sleep    0:00  0.00% sshd
To stop the process, enter the command kill -9 and supply the process ID:
kill –9 21172
Trying to run iqunload without killing an orphaned iqunlspt process, may generate this error:
SQL error: Unable to start specified database: autostarting database failed.
Obsolete Stored Procedures

Migration replaces 12.7 login procedures with new login management functions.

sp_login_environment replaces the 12.7 default login procedure DBA.sp_iq_process_login and dbo.sa_post_login_procedure replaces the 12.7 default post-login procedure DBA.sp_iq_process_post_login. iqunload generally replaces obsolete options with new defaults, but if the 12.7 option is set on a specific user instead of PUBLIC (the default), the log file may report errors:
E. 10/31 16:53:40. Login procedure
'DBA.sp_iq_process_login' caused SQLSTATE '52W09' 
E. 10/31 16:53:40. Procedure 'sp_iq_process_login' not