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SAP IQ 16.0 migration creates a new catalog store and changes some legacy options.


In current versions of SAP IQ, all user data should reside in a user dbspace comprised of one or more files. Migration converts main dbspaces into files under one user dbspace: IQ_MAIN, for the SAP IQ main store, and temporary dbspaces into files under a single temporary dbspace, IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP, for a single SAP IQ temporary store. Existing catalog store dbspaces remain as dbspaces with a single file. All of the old main dbspaces become files in the new iq_main user main dbspace. Migration sets the PUBLIC.default_dbspace option to the value iq_main.

Logical names for files created from converted dbspaces are the dbspace name followed by an underscore and the file ID. For example, a main dbspace with file ID 16384 becomes IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN_16384.

Main Store

Migration creates a new system file for the IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN dbspace that contains no tables. By default, the name of this file is, but you can use the ms_filename argument to specify a different file name. The iqunload utility computes the size of the new IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN based on the size of your existing database.

If you accept the default settings for iqunload -au -c, the new store marked as MAIN has DBSpaceName = IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN, DBFileName = IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN and path = For multiplex migration, the location of the new main store must be visible to all nodes on the multiplex, and you must use the -ms_filename argument to specify the path instead of the default value of

When you migrate a database, specify the file to use for the new IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN dbspace, its name, whether or not to use a raw device, and the size of the main store and its reserve.


Specify the IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN size in the database migration command. The -ms_size parameter requires a value in MB, not GB. Omit -ms_size and -ms_reserve to specify a raw device. For a raw device, you must specify an unused raw partition.

This statement creates an IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN on a raw device:
iqunload -au -ms_filename /dev/rdsk/c1t0d1 -c "UID=DBA;PWD=SQL;DBF=latest.db"