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A dedicated account used for creating and scheduling collection jobs and monitoring, and triggering alerts based on predefined thresholds.

There are two parts to the account: the SAP IQ part and the SAP IQ Cockpit part. Both parts are created using the Create User wizard. The technical user account must have a password and be assigned to the IQC_TECHNICAL_USER_POLICY login policy.
Note Do not use the CREATE USER statement to create the account as it does not create this SAP IQ Cockpit part.

Create a technical user in each managed SAP IQ system. Once created, the technical user cannot be deleted and should not be modified, as modifications are not updated to the SAP IQ Cockpit part.

The technical user should not be used as a login account. It is recommended that you disable the account in SAP IQ Cockpit. See Disabling and Enabling a User in SAP IQ Cockpit.

For a multiplex, you must be logged in to the multiplex system when creating the technical user account.