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This query view enables you to use SAP CRM master data to analyze your customer invoice items. The query view is designed as an example for answering the following business questions:

  • What is the item net amount, tax amount, and billing quantity at the sales organization level or at the account level?

  • How many customer invoice items exist at the sales organization level or at the account level?


You are using an analyzing application, such as SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for Microsoft Excel, which is designed to use this query view.

You have set up a connection between your SAP CRM system and your SAP ERP system.


The structure of this view hierarchy consists of the following reuse view, which you can find in package sap.hba.ecc:

  • Reuse view for credit memo items (CustomerInvoiceItem)

Business Objects

This view is built on the following business object:

  • Customer Invoice


Some important attributes are:

  • CRM Logical System

  • SD Logical System

  • CRM SAP Client

  • SD SAP Client

  • Customer Invoice

  • Customer Invoice Item

  • Customer Invoice Date (int)

  • Account

  • Account Name

  • Sales Organization

  • Sales Organization Name

  • Distribution Channel

  • Distribution Channel Name

  • Division

  • Division Name

  • Product

  • Product Name

  • Product Category

  • Product Category Name

  • Year

  • Year Quarter

  • Year Quarter Name

  • Year Month

  • Year Month Name

  • Year Week

  • Year Week Name

  • Transaction Currency

  • Base Unit

  • Quantity Unit


  • Billing Quantity

  • Billing Quantity in Base Unit

  • Tax Amount (Document Currency)

  • Tax Amount

  • Item Net Amount (Document Currency)

  • Item Net Amount

  • Billing Document Item Count

Input Parameters

  • SAP Client (P_SAPClient)

  • Display Currency (P_DisplayCurrency)

  • Exchange Rate Date (P_ExchangeRateDate)

  • Exchange Rate Type (P_ExchangeRateType)

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