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Procedure documentationExtending Query Views


With the SAP HANA Live Extension Assistant you can extend the query views. The extended query views are created as a new query view in the package you selected. The tool lists all the underlying reuse views of a selected query view. For each of reuse view, unused columns are displayed and you can select the required columns to be added to output from the underlying reuse view.

You can select the type of newly added view column only as Attribute.


  1. You have installed the following:

    • HCO_HBA_T_EXTN.tgz

    • SAP HANA Appliance Software Support Package Stack 08 revision 82 or higher

  2. You are assigned the role

  3. REPO.READ, REPO.EDIT NATIVE OBJECTS and REPO.ACTIVATE NATIVE OBJECTS permissions on the package in which new extended view is created.


  1. Right-click the view you want to extend.

    Note Note

    If the view is already extended using this tool, two options display Create new extension view and Edit existing extended view. To edit, click the Edit existing extended view radio button and select the view from the Extend View dropdown. Proceed as mentioned from step 3.

    End of the note.
  2. Select the required option.

  3. Click Next.

    All the underlying reuse views and also extended reuse views, if existing displays.

  4. Select a reuse view/extended reuse view.

    All the unused columns are displayed on the right side.

  5. Select the columns that need to be added as output column for the query view.

  6. Click Validate or Activate.

    If you click Validate, you can view the validation status. Click Activate to activate the newly extended query view. Query view is extended with the newly added columns in the corresponding reuse views.

    Note Note

    You cannot extend query views with Unions. For such query views, the underlying reuse views can be replaced if there is corresponding extended reuse view. It is not possible to extend query views that have Aggregation in the middle level other than the top node below semantics layer. But, for such query views, underlying reuse views can be replaced if there is a corresponding reuse view.

    End of the note.