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You must set up a schema mapping to map the authoring schema of a content package to the physical database schema of the relevant tables. The authoring schema is the database schema that is referred to in the content package. In a customer system, the tables are typically stored in another database schema, namely either in the schema configured in SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (for the side-by-side scenario) or in the database schema of the ABAP installation (for the integrated scenario). For more information, see Configuration of Replication Between Back End and SAP HANA DB.

Required Steps

In the SAP HANA Studio, in the Modeler perspective, on the Quick Launch tab, select the relevant SAP HANA system and choose Setup, then Schema Mapping to add a new schema mapping from the authoring schema to the physical schema.


Package sap.hba.ecc refers to the authoring schema SAP_ECC. In your customer landscape the ECC tables are replicated into schema CUSTOMER. Then a schema mapping from SAP_ECC to CUSTOMER needs to be added.