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Once the schema and the schema mapping have been prepared, the required tables need to be made available in the schema. Since the tables and their replications consume system resources (depending on their size), SAP recommends to replicate the data only for tables that are actually used, and to merely create all other tables.


Ensure that you have completed all required steps described in Install Required Version of SAP HANA Database and Configuration of Replication Between Back End and SAP HANA DB.

Table Creation

The tables that are needed before the deployment of a specific content package are specified in the SAP Notes that you can find in the tables in Installation Information for Virtual Data Models and Installation Information for Applications. Depending on whether you want to create or replicate tables, consider the following:

  • Table Creation

    If you want to only create the required tables, the list of tables must be added to the corresponding configuration table of SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server. Note that, with DMIS 2011, SP06, this process has been considerably simplified. For more information, see SAP Note 1799313 Information published on SAP site.

  • Table Replication

    If you want the tables to be fully replicated, you can do so using the standard data provisioning view of the SAP HANA studio. The list of tables can be imported directly from the CSV file attached to the SAP Note.

More Information

For more information, see Replicate Data (Side-by-Side Only).

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