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With the SAP HANA Live extension assistant, you can extend query or reuse views delivered by SAP. The tool is an eclipse plug-in for the SAP HANA studio.

  • Extending reuse views

    You can extend reuse views using this tool. The extended views are created as new reuse views in the package you selected. The tool lists all the underlying columns from all underlying tables of a reuse view. You can select the column that needs to be added as an output of the view and a new extended reuse view is created. The newly added view column can only be of the type Attribute.

  • Extending query views

    You can extend query views using this tool. The extended views are created as new query views in the package you selected. The tool lists all the underlying reuse views of a selected query view. For each of the reuse views, unused columns are displayed. You can select the required columns to be added to output of the view from the underlying reuse view. To extend query views, you can select underlying reuse views or extended reuse views.

  • Extending existing extensions

    You can also extend views for which an extension already exists.


    You can only select packages if you are authorized to create or activate content in these packages. SAP does not recommend that you modify any views created by the tool using the Modeler perspective. Note that, if you do, the tool can no longer be used to modify the views.

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You have installed the following software:

  • Delivery unit HCO_HBA_T_EXTN.tgz

  • SAP HANA Appliance Software Support Package Stack 08, revision 82 or higher

For more information, see Download and Deploy Content Package.


You must assign the role to users who would like to extend views using this tool.


To install the SAP HANA Live extension assistant, perform the following steps in sequential order:

  1. In the SAP HANA Studio, choose Help and then Install New Software.

    An installation window opens.

  2. Enter the URL of software update site http://<SAPHANAWebServerHost>:80<SAPHANAinstance>/sap/hba/tools/extn in the field Work with.

    The Installation window now lists the SAP HANA Live extension assistant as available software in the list of plug-ins.

  3. Click Add to save the URL for easy retrieval.

    The dialog box Add Repository opens.

  4. Select the plug-in for the SAP HANA Live extension assistant from the list of available plug-ins. Retain the remaining default selections and click Next.

  5. A review window opens where you can verify the information you entered. Click Next.

  6. The License Agreement window opens. Review the licenses and click I accept the terms of the license agreements. Then click Finish.

  7. The Installing Software dialog box opens, where you can view the installation progress.

  8. A warning message may appear stating that the software contains unsigned content. Click OK.

  9. After the installation, a verification box opens asking you to restart SAP HANA Studio. Click Yes.

  10. Restart the SAP HANA studio. Right-click query/reuse views and choose Extend View to extend the view.