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The generic drill-down application consists of one or more detail views of a KPI that are displayed when you click the KPI tile or when you click and select a chart or table object. It reads attributes from the KPI evaluation and details about the UI from the visualization.

The generic drill-down application is delivered with the KPI modeler as part of SAP Smart Business. However, it is possible to configure a custom drill-down application. For more information, see Configuring Custom Drill-Down.



You can define up to seven different chart or table views that are visible on the KPI tile’s subsequent level. These views allow you to analyze data in several different formats and with different selection criteria to allow better insight into your business processes from different perspectives. It is also possible to define a view that allows you to switch between a table and chart in one view.


The generic drill-down application is designed for desktop, laptop, and tablet computer screen sizes.