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As described above, the relevant database tables are typically only created, but not filled with data by default. In this step the tables relevant for the desired analytical scenarios are filled with data. First, you need to define the set of analytical scenarios (views) that are to be executed later. Then, the list of relevant tables is calculated for these views and the resulting tables are replicated by means of SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server. There are two ways to calculate the list of relevant tables:

  • SAP HANA Live Browser

    SAP HANA Live Browser also allows you to generate a list of tables relevant for a view. For more information, see section SAP HANA Live Browser.

  • SQL

    You can retrieve the list of relevant tables through an SQL statement either per view or per package. See SAP Note 1784483 Information published on SAP site for details about creating an SQL view that allows you to retrieve this information.

Once the list of tables has been calculated, the tables are configured for replication through the Data Provisioning screen of the SAP HANA studio.