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Function documentationSAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant


With the SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant, you can provide users authorizations in the SAP HANA system that is required to access business data displayed by the virtual data model of SAP HANA Live. For this, SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant take those permissions into account that the same users already have in ABAP-based Business Suite application.

SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant is used to manage both the analytical privileges that are restricting access to specific business data, and the object privileges that are controlling the database views the user uses to report.

Authorization profiles are defined and managed using transactions in ABAP — based application systems. In a scenario that is supported by SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant, access to business data is primarily defined using PFCG on the ABAP-based system, and then using the Authorization Assistant converted to respective permissions in the HANA system. For this automatic conversion, SAP delivers metadata for all the relevant views of the virtual data model, which defines the mapping between the authorization fields of authorization objects and the respective attributes of views. For a selected SAP NetWeaver ABAP user, SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant generates the analytic privileges based on his/her assigned PFCG authorizations and collects them with the required SELECT object privileges in a role. Then, you can make the follow-up assignments of the role inside SAP HANA Studio.

SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant is integrated into the SAP HANA Studio but can be installed as a separate plug-in too.


Reduced Manual Effort

You can select multiple query views for multiple users and create analytic privileges for all the query views. You do not need to manually check for privileges in the SAP ABAP system and manually create privileges for each query view. Hence, the mass process available with this tool reduces the effort required to create analytic privileges for query views. The existing analytic privileges can be reused between different users.

Semi-Automated Generation

After you select a single or multiple query views for the generation of the analytic privilege, the SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant automatically transforms the users’ ABAP authorizations to HANA analytic privileges.

More Information

See SAP Note 1796718Information published on SAP site for general information about the SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant.