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SAP Smart Business applications provide insight into the real-time operations of your business by collecting and displaying KPIs and reports directly in your browser. The KPI modeler allows you to model KPI and report tiles that enable targeted monitoring of key business data using the SAP Smart Business launchpad.

With the KPI modeler, you can define KPIs and reports to which you can apply numerous different evaluations so that you can respond to the ever-changing business landscape. You can also configure drill-down views that are accessed through the KPI tiles and offer additional perspectives on the relevant data.



The KPI modeler allows you to define KPIs that are crucial to the performance of your organization. You can visualize these KPIs by choosing from a range of options according to the type of KPI.


As well as KPIs, the KPI modeler also allows you to model reports. While a KPI displays aggregated data, a report displays continuous data, most commonly over a period of time. Reports illustrate the performance of multiple measures against a set of dimensions.


A variant is a set of filter settings and input parameters that you define to gain a particular perspective on a KPI or a report. Variants are global in nature and can be created without reference to a particular KPI or report. However, a KPI or a report can be the starting point for creating a variant because the KPI or report definition contains a query that determines which filter variables are available for selection when creating the variant.


An evaluation is a combination of filter settings (variant), thresholds, parameters, trends, and authorizations that are applied to a KPI or a report. The evaluation defines what information about the KPI or report is visible to the SAP Smart Business user at runtime. Several different evaluations can be applied to a single KPI or report. An evaluation must be associated with a variant.


A visualization is the graphical representation of the evaluation of the KPI or the report visible to the SAP Smart Business user at runtime. Using the KPI modeler, you can choose from several different visualization options.


  • The report tile is restricted for productive use.

  • The KPI modeler is only supported on desktop computers that are equipped with a mouse or a similar pointing device.

  • The KPI modeler user interface is only provided in English, regardless of the language in which you logon. However, you can add the KPI title, the report title, the evaluation text, and the drill-down application view title in additional languages when you configure a KPI, a report, an evaluation, or a drill-down view.