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The following reuse views are included in this virtual data model:

  • Reuse view for the descriptions of the characteristics (CharacteristicDesc)

  • Reuse view for the descriptions of the values of the characteristics (CharacteristicValueDesc)

These views provide the characteristics and characteristics values paired with their descriptions. They are used to enhance characteristics-based query views with description texts.


Business Objects

These views are built on the Classification business object.

Measures and Attributes

Some important attributes are:

  • Characteristic

    Language-independent name of a characteristic (formerly known as ATNAM).

  • CharacteristicInternalID

    Internal ID of a characteristic (former known as ATINN).

  • CharacteristicValue

    Value from the value list of a characteristic.

  • CharacteristicDescription

    Language-dependent description of a characteristic.

  • CharacteristicValueDescription

    Language-dependent description of a characteristic value.


The view uses the Validity Date (KeyDate) filter to show results valid only on a specific date.

Used Tables and Views

The views select data from the following tables:

  • CABN (Characteristic)

  • CABNT (Characteristic Descriptions)

  • CAWN (Characteristic Values)

  • CAWNT (Value Texts)