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Function documentationSimulating Business Transactions for Legal Control Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can simulate the assignment of license types for customs documents in legal control. As a result, you can quickly find out whether you require an additional license for your business transactions before the actual export or import. You can also simulate the check of document-related BOMs in legal control for exports.


  • Simulate business transaction for license determination

    You can check whether the system finds a license and assigns it to the document automatically in license determination.

  • Simulate business transaction with control-relevant BOM components for license determination

    If you use legal export control for document-related BOMs, you can simulate these business transactions as well. The system determines whether it can assign export licenses automatically to the items and subitems in a document.

The simulation results help you decide whether you need to request and/or enter additional import or export licenses.


  • The simulation functions are located in the area menu under   Compliance Management   Legal Control - Import (or Export)   Simulation  .

    •    Simulate Business Transaction  


    •   Simulate Business Transaction with BOP  

  • You have to enter the system data and document data for the simulation. You can enter additional selection criteria to limit the results.

  • When you choose Execute, the system simulates the legal control check with the issue/receipt document from the feeder system. Based on the results of this check, you can decide whether you need a license for the products.