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Function documentationPoint-of-Sales Database Management Integration


With SAP Point-of-Sales Database Management (POS-DM) integration, you can transfer sales data from the POS-DM system to the SAP Flexible Real Estate System. To achieve that, you need to transmit certain information – such as the store, promotion, and material data– from an external system (such as SAP IS-Retail, SAP BW, or some other systems) into the real estate contract in the Real Estate system as follows:

  1. Make the settings in Customizing as described in Customizing for Point-of-Sales Database Management Integration.

  2. Determine the type of data you want to get from the POS DM system and then run the relevant reports to retrieve the data:

    • Master data — run the Master Data Comparison report to compare master data between the POS DM system and the Real Estate system and use the results to enter the new or changed data into the real estate contract.

    • Sales data — run the Sales Data Retrieval report to update the sales volume amount in the sales report so that the sales-based rent amount is automatically adjusted.

The POS-DM integration solution is intended to improve and enhance the sales-based rent functionality in a real estate contract.

Data Integration

The Real Estate system uses the master data to find a match between a store and a reporting rule. If the system determines that there is an assigned reporting rule for the store, then it references this reporting rule to find the related sales report, otherwise it references the default reporting rule. Once the system determines the store's reporting rule and finds the related sales report, the system then enters the sales volume amount into this sales report. The sales amount that is entered into the real estate contract is calculated based on the conditions set in the contract, and thus the sales-based rent amount is automatically adjusted for the real estate contract.

  • Each store can be assigned to only one active contract for the same time period.

  • Each store can be assigned with one default reporting rule.

Currency Conversion

If the currency specified by the condition for the sales rule is different than the one used in the POS-DM system, then the system can automatically convert the currency.