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The purpose of this sample role is to allow users to define access to WebDynpro configuration variants on the Fast Entry Screen (FES) of Specifications in the PLM Web UI. You can specify the elements, the content and the appearance of the FES using these configuration variants.

Through roles created according to this sample, you can assign configuration variants that are available to specific users on the FES initial screen.

Caution Caution

This role should be used as a demo role with demo users only. A demo role must not be used in a production system in case it contains wildcards “*” (asterisks) for parameters, which might grant too many authorizations to users. After copying this role to a production system, each authorization parameter containing an asterisk must be thoroughly checked before use.

For production use, we strongly recommend that you build brand new roles using the authorization default values from transaction SU22, rather than using the demo roles as a starting point.

End of the caution.

To define such authorizations, note the following:

  • Maintain authorization object PLM_SPCFES.

  • Fill the authorization field (WebDynpro variant) with single values.

  • You can maintain this authorization object twice or more with single values.